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What my clients say...

"I have seen Eva on a number of occasions to treat a variety of conditions, including eczema, IBS, liver pains and anxiety. Her careful ability to listen to my worries, plus her incredible skill in analysing my case has led to dramatic improvements and even an outright cure of many of my complaints. I have wholeheartedly recommended her services to many friends and colleagues."

Anthony, MALVERN

"I visited Eva with my 4 year old Daughter following unsatisfactory advice from my local GP who felt her Molluscum Contagiosum would clear within 2 years despite the fact it had already been 3.5 years. I have experienced positive results from Homeopathy myself  over the years and felt this would be a risk free and safe treatment to try but felt the need for professional advice so having researched local Homeopaths I decided on contacting Eva. My Daughter and I had a thorough but gentle discussion with Eva and were provided with a suggested course of treatment which I am ecstatic to report has had a huge impact! My Daughter has loved taking her 'Water medicine' each day and her extensive 'pimples' have either faded or crusted and fallen off. I am 100% confident that the last couple will completely disappear and am so very grateful to Eva for her expert knowledge."

Lucy, Worcester

      "Since being referred  to Eva  - -    and many  months of unsatisfactory prescription medication, and lots of costly, regular massage. I embraced  an alternative method. 

       Homeopathy - A treatment,  delivered  through consultation, advice and effective practical help from a consultant using  herbal  medication (  tiny pills dissolved in 500ml  "still " mineral water)   to sip over several days. 

      This different, gentle slow  treatment, has given me a positive  and gradual  effective result - over several months. Happily I was relieved to  be moving  forward. To be gradually feeling better - from a previous debilitating life of relentless pain. Eventually working through time - to  enjoy increased movement and improved activity.

      So much gratitude to Eva for suggesting I try the alternate medication."

Christine, Worcester

"Eva has been very effective with our family's ailments. She is easy to talk to and thinks carefully

about the homeopathic remedies, before choosing them.

So far, Eva has cured my 12-year-old son for recurrent headaches.

And myself of fatigue and loss of sense of smell/taste after Covid. Very pleased. 

I recommend her to my friends and family now as

I know she will do a good job and it's all confidential."

Jo, Worcester

"I have been seeing Eva via Skype for her great advice regarding my emotional state. Her approach is very gentle, nurturing and compassionate. I am still seeing improvement in my health and wellbeing. I was very impressed for the level of her skills and the remedy she has chosen worked miracles for me. She also helped numerous times to resolve my children’s coughs or skin disorders. It always clears up very quickly. I am very grateful for her professional but yet friendly approach. I will highly recommend her."

Adriana, SYDNEY, AUS

"Eva…I have known Maggie Dixon from Homeopathy Direct for 15 years so when she recommended you, I knew I would be looked after.   You were very easy to talk to and I felt very safe in the knowledge I shared would help you prescribe.  Well Eva, nothing short of magic has happened. All rashes that I had on my legs for over 12 months are gone.  Pelvic aches, joint stiffness have gone which is wonderful as I have my life back.  Erratic sleep pattern, gaining confidence on speaking my mind, sinus issues and brain fog are well on the right road."

Jackie, BATH

"I think, my health problems would be only getting worse,

if I hadn't trusted homeopathy. As a qualified nurse I used to rely only on conventional medicine before.  Now, I can't even remember my aches & pains that used to bother me: musculoskeletal problems, cardio-vascular problems, insomnia, sciatica etc. - just to mention few.

My husband has also benefited from homeopathic treatment. 

I am so grateful to you for enabling me to function and to God for my health! Thank you!"

Emilia, NITRA, SVK

"I decided to choose the Homeopathic route for Menopausal and joint pain problems I was having. I was very fortunate to have Eva as my practitioner, taking me under her wing and making my first experience with homeopathic medicine a joy. Her caring manner in making you feel cared for and her intense knowledge of prescribing the right remedy for me was wonderful. Always on hand to listen if I had any worries or just wanting reassurance. I could not have asked for a more productive first healing with homeopathic medicine. Eva is a true modern day Fairy Godmother."

Tina, BATH

"Eva is a very qualified homeopath and I'm very happy that I decided to see her for my treatment. She is also a wonderful person with a lot of  compassion and time for her patients. Eva is very trustworthy and understanding and I found it very easy to open up to her. The first time I saw her was about a problem with my shoulder which I had for many years and my normal doctors weren't able to fix the problem. After seeing Eva for a couple of consultations and the right remedies my shoulder almost feels back to normal today. Eva also helped me a lot with other issues, such as work related stress symptoms or my morning sickness during my pregnancy.

I felt like I'm in such good hands with her and I would always see her again if I had any discomfort, physically or mentally.

Thank you so much!!"


I have found Homeopathy to work for me on many occasions- helping to relieve hay-fever symptoms consistently, aches and pains( general and following an injury) and with my overall health and energy levels. I have no hesitation in recommending Eva as I have found her to be the ultimate professional and very knowledgeable in the field of natural health and Homeopathy.

Julia, Worcester

"If you are contemplating whether homeopathy works,

it certainly does.
After being bitten, and having different diagnosis from the doctors, antibiotics and steroid creams with no joy,

I decided to give homeopathy a try.
I’m so glad I did. Eva is very professional at what she does, and makes you feel at ease.
You are not only being treated for the problem you go with, but being treated as a whole, i.e. physically, mentally and emotionally. Which you don’t get from the doctors with a 10 minute appointment.
You may think it’s a lot of money, but in the long run it’s money well spent to feel great. Thank you, Eva."