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Lymphatic Drainage

I am pleased to say that I now offer Lymphatic Drainage work alongside my Bowen Therapy practice.

The treatment itself is, just like Bowen, a gentle hands on treatment which can be carried out through light clothing.

What is Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is composed of several organs, fluid called lymph, lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes.

It performs three main functions:

  • draining the interstitial fluid which escapes from capillaries and transporting it back to the heart

  • facilitating absorption of fats from the digestive system by producing chyle

  • helps the body's immune system to defend against foreign cells, microbes and cancer cells.

Struggling lymphatic system will present itself in the form of 

  • swelling and tendernes

  • constant fatigue

  • brain fog

  • headaches

  • sinus issues

  • struggling immune response

  • recurring colds

  • joint stiffness

  • digestive issues

  • constipation etc.

What are the contraindications of the lymphatic system drainage:

  • acute inflammation caused by antigens such as bacteria, virus, fungi, chemicals etc.

  • acute allergy

  • acute DVT of the legs

  • untreated malignant disease, tumour recurrence, metastasis.


"Making sure that our lymphatics are functioning at an optimum level - should be a priority when treating the body as a whole."

                                Gus De La Querra

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