Natural help for Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary track infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection that affects part of the urinary tract. The most common type of UTI is bladder infection or cystitis. Infection of kidneys, known as pyelonephritis, is more serious. Ureters and urethra can also be infected.

Bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli) is one of the main causations. The urine doesn’t usually contain any bacteria, only fluids, salts and waste products. The infection occurs when bacteria gets into the urine and begins to grow. It usually starts at the opening of the urethra and moves upwards into the urinary tract. Bacteria like Staphylococci, Klebsiella, Candida, Proteus, Entrococci can also be part of the causation.

Symptoms and signs of UTI may vary with severity, depending on the age and part of urinary system that is affected:

  • Early symptoms include pain, discomfort or burning when passing urine.

  • Need to pass urine urgently and frequently.

  • Urination might be strong or scanty.

  • The colour and odour of the urine is changed; it might also appear bloody etc.

Managing cystitis

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Avoid black tea and coffee.

  • Drink large amount of cranberry juice.

  • Don’t try to retain the urine, empty your bladder when urging.

  • Bathing and hygiene products containing talcum powder and perfumed soap must be avoided.

  • Don’t wear tight and synthetic underwear (or tight jeans); replace it with loose pure cotton clothing.

Homeopathy can provide a natural help in UTI.

Homeopathy is a natural therapy that treats every person holistically and individually. Homeopathic remedy is “tailored” to each individual person according to his/her characteristic physical symptoms, mental and emotional symptoms, lifestyle, diet, personal tendencies and medical history. Homeopathic remedies are natural, non-toxic, without any side effects and can be taken along-side conventional treatment without any contradictions.

Following are just a few homeopathic remedies:

Berberis vulgaris

It is a fantastic remedy that acts on genito-urinary system. Berberis may help in inflammation of kidneys, in severe pain from kidney stones as well as bladder inflammation. Indicator for this remedy, in a case of cystitis, are burning pain in bladder region, urge for frequent urination. Passing urine is painful, difficult and scanty with feeling of bladder not being emptied properly. During urination there is a cutting and burning pain in urethra.

Equisitum hyemale

This herb is also known as the kidney and bladder tonic. It has got soothing effect on irritability of the urinary tract, kidney stones and painful and difficult urination (dysuria).

Symptoms that match this remedy might be severe and dull pain in bladder. There is feeling of fullness in the bladder, frequent and profuse urination with burning and cutting pain in urethra.

It can also be useful in involuntary urination and bedwetting (in children).

Equisitum can be taken as a tea, herbal tincture, mother tincture or a homeopathic remedy.


This remedy might be useful in a woman after sexual intercourse, especially if sexual activity is new for her. There is a frequent urge to urinate with burning pain even when not urinating. Urine passes in a thin stream or drop by drop and leaves the feeling of bladder not being emptied.

Other remedies, like Apis, Clematis, Borax or Sepia etc. might come also helpful in natural treatment of UTI.

If you want to treat your UTI with homeopathy, speak to a professional homeopath, who will prescribe homeopathic remedies based on your individual symptoms and health history.

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