School experience for some children might be quite overwhelming and can come with worries and anxieties.

The change of environment, new place with new people, fearful thinking of what might happen at school, dreading the moments when leaving parents or what might happen to the parents while they are away are some of those underlying issues children might be facing.

Every single person reacts to the ever-changing environment and upcoming challenges differently and uniquely. During this times homeopathy can provide little help, comfort and calm when it is so much needed. Mentioned are just a few homeopathic remedies.


Great remedy for panic attacks that come on suddenly (even fear of death). Strong fear with palpitations, short breath and flushed face. The child is unsettled and restlessness.


Anticipatory anxiety before upcoming events: an exam, speech in the class or social engagement might call for this remedy. Diarrhoea and dizziness can be experienced. Increased craving for sweets.


Fantastic “stage fright” remedy. They feel anxious about public performance, interview or upcoming exam etc. Weakness, trembling of legs and mental dullness, complete paralysis by fear.


Lack of confidence is the source of anxiety. They respect their teachers in the class but might be domineering to their family members once at home. Taking on a new responsibility can mean a fear of failure and anxiety to them. They might suffer with digestive disorders, bloating, gas and cravings for sweets.


The child who is whiny, clingy, needy and desires constant comforting from parent might benefit from this remedy. Also a great remedy for anxious teenagers going through the times of hormonal changes.

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