Treat Colds and Coughs the ‘Natural’ Way

HOMEOPATHY is a safe and natural therapy that uses remedies from the plant, animal and mineral kingdom to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanism. It can provide relief to symptoms of colds, coughs and flu and on the top of it, it helps to strengthen your immune system so that you become less susceptible to picking up “all that is going around” during the months of autumn and winter.

Mentioned below are just a few homeopathic remedies effective in treatment of colds and coughs:


Excellent remedy for colds, fevers, sore throats if it is given in early stages. The symptoms come on suddenly after exposure to cold winds. The cough is dry, croupy and barking that can cause breathlessness or fast breathing. The person is hot and thirsty for cold drinks. Worse for talking and deep breathing, draughts of cold air.


This is one of the Shussler’s tissue salts. It works very well when given in early stages of a inflammatory condition. Chesty cough, congestion and lack of energy are present.


If the cough is dry, painful, hard and the coughing fits shake the whole body try this remedy. Another keynote is great dryness of all air-passages and little or no expectoration. The person holds his chest when coughing as every movement causes great pain. The person is very irritable “like a bear with a sore head”.


If the symptoms appear after sudden change of weather, mainly change from hot to cold, think of Dulcamara. Cough is hoarse and spasmodic with much mucus.


One of the main symptoms is the accumulation of stringy, thick yellow mucus collecting in the sinuses and ears and causing post-nasal drip. The person has got difficulty bringing up the mucus because it is ropy and sticky. When he finally brings it up, it is yellowish-green. This sticky mucus can also cause sinus headaches and ear pains mimicking acute ear infections in children.


Fantastic remedy when cold goes to chest, throat tickles, hoarseness of voice and great thirst for iced cold water are present. There is a great feeling of tightness and burning in the chest and a ticklish feeling in the throat. The cough disturbs the sleep and the person will have to sit up to cough up large amounts of mucus. The larynx and throat feel raw or hoarse and talking or laughing aggravates.

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