Menopausal symptoms and use of Homeopathy

Hot flushes, irritability, tearfulness, mood swings, disturbed sleep

Many female clients find homeopathy very useful for their menopausal symptoms. As these are so specific to each woman, an individual prescription of a homeopathic remedy is required. There are quiet a few homeopathic remedies that might be helpful in each individual case. To name just a few remedies: Sepia, Lachesis, Sulphur, Nux-vomica, Natrum-muriaticum etc.

Just a brief example of few characteristic remedies I prescribed for some of my clients:

A 54-year old woman

During the consultation, she pointed out, "how relieved she feels to be listened to and tell someone about her problems". There were tears in her eyes at some points. "I feel like I don't have enough time for myself, I am always doing more for others. At the end of the day I just burst into tears. My confidence has dropped down, I can never make a decision. What bothers me most are the flushes of heat, the burning sensation rushing through my body that lasts about a minute and then I am shivering from cold. "

Her sleep was significantly disturbed by her hot flushes. She was always worse in stuffy rooms and craved fresh air. She desired sweets, disliked fats and was thirst-less. Everything seemed to be ameliorated during her gentle walks in the nature.

Prescription: PULSATILLA

A 52-year old woman

This was a busy and hard working business woman who came for a consultation. She was experiencing hot flushes with profuse perspiration especially on her face. She was also complaining of sudden heart palpitations. Her expression was rushed, nervous and she kept constantly checking the time. "I easily loose my temper and get angry. Is that normal?" she said.

She felt better at night, while resting and couldn't resist a glass of wine "to unwind after a hectic day". Mornings were the worst with cravings for coffee to start the day. Appetite for rich hearty foods and sometimes over-indulged.

Prescription: NUX-VOMICA

A 49-years old woman

"I feel tired, anxious and the hot flushes are really getting me down. When I feel the flush of heat is coming I just want to hide somewhere."

The client apologised several times during the consultation for being a nuisance to take an appointment.

The hot flushes were raising upwards and the perspiration made her feel embarrassed, to the point she wanted to hide. Felt better when left alone. In the morning she woke up feeling depressed but her mood was lifted during the day. She was also complaining about a loss of her libido.

She absolutely loved dancing and always felt better after it. From foods she enjoyed sour taste especially vinegar, lemons and chocolate.

Prescription: SEPIA

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