Homeopathic Relief for Hay Fever

Spring has sprung and some of us are already feeling negative side effects from the pollen of the blossoming flowers. Homeopathic remedies can bring great relief to this unpleasant condition and allow us to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Homeopathy is natural, safe, gentle and without any side effects and can be used by anyone including children and pregnant women.

Mentioned below are just a few homeopathic remedies for hayfever:


This remedy is prepared from red onion. If you are presenting symptoms of streaming eyes, burning nasal discharge, intense and frequent sneezing and your eyes are sensitive to the light, this remedy might be the right for you.


The discharges from the nose and eyes are burning. Feeling of burning or itching in the nose, eyes and throat are strong indication of this remedy. All the symptoms improve in open air.


When your eyes are watering and the discharge is predominantly irritating, take this remedy.


A great remedy if sneezing is frequent and spasmodic, tickling inside of the nose and sneezing causing the eyes to water. Symptoms are better in a warm room and worse in open air.


If the primary presenting symptom is itching nose and palate, Wyethia might be the first one to consider.

Please, don’t forget(!):

Only take the indicated homeopathic remedy if it matches your symptoms clearly. If you are unsure or you need a constitutional prescribing, please conatct your homeopath.

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