Sports injuries


The number one homeopathic remedy to think of in any physical trauma is Arnica. It is the first-aider in accidents, shocks, injuries, falls and blows, characterised by bruising, swelling and soreness. The affected part is tender to touch or pressure and the person wants to be left alone and claims that they are not suffering too much discomfort.

It also works well if you end up exhausted and with sore muscles after your work-out or training. Just put two pills in a bottle of still mineral water and sip it during your training and after, if required.

In the case of sprained ankle, take Arnica immediately to reduce swelling and relieve the pain and follow with Rhus Toxicodendron to heal the sprained ligaments. A torn Achilles tendon will also heal faster with this remedy.

If you suffer with a strained shoulder after your tennis game, also consider taking Rhus toxicondendron.

Having a nasty accident which causes an injury to periosteum, Ruta Graveolens is the first remedy to reach for. "Tennis elbow" will also respond well to this remedy.

For any kind of fractures occasioned through sports activities, take Arnica while waiting for your X-ray. It helps to relieve pain and reduces swelling. Once the bones are set correctly (most importantly), take Symphytum (comfrey), which can help to speed up the healing process.

If you are a keen boxer, rugby player etc. and you end up after your match with a black eye, consider taking Ledum. It is especialy good for boxer's eye.

Other homeopathic remedies might come useful in any sport injury, sprains, strains and accidents. Just remember to match the remedy's symptoms to the "unlucky" injured one.

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